WHOIS Domain Lookup

WHOIS is an internet service that provides detailed information about a specific domain name. It's like a "yellow pages" for the internet, where you can lookup who owns a domain, their contact information, when it was registered, when it expires, and more

When a domain is registered, the registrar (like GoDaddy or BlueHost) is required to collect certain information from the registrant. This data is then sent to a central database, which is accessible through the WHOIS system.
Whois lookup
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Analyzing WHOIS Data

A WHOIS lookup will retrieve this information from the database, presenting you with details about the domain. But remember, this data is as accurate as the information given at the time of registration

If you want to purchase a domain but it's already taken, WHOIS can help you find out who owns it, potentially opening up negotiations for its acquisition

Decoding the Domain Status Codes

REGISTERED - the domain is already registered.
DELEGATED - The domain is delegated, i.e. DNS servers are configured for it.
NOT DELEGATED - the domain is not delegated, i.e. no DNS servers are configured for it.
UNVERIFIED - the data of the domain owner has not been verified.
VERIFIED - the data of the domain owner has been verified.
ok - normal state of the domain, no special statuses.
clientTransferProhibited - the current registrar has banned the transfer of the domain to another registrar.
pendingTransfer - domain in the process of transfer to another registrar (usually transfer lasts 5 full days).
redemptionPeriod - the period of the expired domain, when the domain can not be renewed normally, but can be restored at a significantly higher cost (contact your current registrar for details).
pendingDelete - the domain is in the process of being removed from the registry.
clientHold - the domain has been removed from the registrar.
serverHold - the domain is removed from delegation by the registry.
autoRenewPeriod - domain was automatically renewed by the registry, such renewal may be canceled at the initiative of the registrar or in case of registrar change. Often this status is assigned to domains that were not renewed before the registration period expired.

Frequently Asked Questions about WHOIS

What is a WHOIS domain lookup?
A WHOIS domain lookup is a service that provides details about a specific domain name, such as its owner, registration date, expiry date, and more

Why would I use a WHOIS lookup?
There are several reasons you might use WHOIS, from checking domain availability for registration, tracking down malicious websites, to researching a company's digital footprint

Is WHOIS information always accurate?
Not always. The accuracy depends on the information given by the domain owner at the time of registration, which can sometimes be false or misleading

Does WHOIS compromise my privacy?
It can, as it traditionally displayed the domain owner's contact information. However, many registrars now offer WHOIS privacy services, and regulations have been put in place to limit the data shown in a WHOIS lookup

How can I do a WHOIS domain lookup?
Just enter the domain name you are interested in in the input box above and you will be presented with various information about it.

How to use WHOIS?

Using the WHOIS service is very easy. Enter the domain name, information about which you want to find out, in the appropriate input field and click the "Search" button. After processing your request, the service will provide you with detailed information about the owner of the domain, its registration, expiration and many other data.
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