Internet speed testing

Our service allows you to quickly and easily measure the speed of your Internet connection.

For the most accurate result, we recommend temporarily disabling all programs that may use the Internet. It is also recommended to repeat the test several times, because the result depends on the conditions of the Internet connection at the moment.

Why should I check the internet speed?

  • To check the provider.
  • If you pay for 100 megabits per second, and the test shows the speed is 2 or 3 times lower due to the fault of the provider, and not your equipment, then it is worth contacting the provider to fix this problem.

    Here it should also be noted that if, as a result of the check, the Internet speed is lower, say by 20%, then this is normal, since many factors affect the speed - from the remoteness of the server to the congestion of the channel. Therefore, if we allow a speed of 100 Mbps, and the check shows 70-80 Mbps, then this is not a reason to contact the provider, but if you pay for 100 Mbps, but shows 30 or 40, then there is a reason to contact the provider to fix problems with Internet speed.

  • To test the speed of your home wireless network.
  • For example, to check if the speed is enough to view 4K content via Wi-Fi ...

  • Just to test your internet capabilities.
  • For example, if you forget your speed. Let's say you want to check your Internet capabilities, whether you can play online games, how much files you can download in a certain time, etc.

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