Tracking pixel or Invisible Image Logger

A tracking pixel is a 1 pixel image that is placed on your website and loaded when a user visits it. It is useful for tracking user behavior and conversions. With a tracking pixel, advertisers can acquire data for online marketing, web analysis or email marketing. With log file analysis, long data evaluation or using appropriate analytical tools, this data can be used for different purposes, for example retargeting.
Tracking Pixel
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What is a tracking pixel?

A tracking pixel (also called 1x1 pixel or pixel tag) is a graphic with dimensions of 1x1 pixels that is loaded when a user visits a webpage or opens an email. Because it is so small, it can hardly be seen by visitors of a website or email recipients. These tracking pixels are partly or fully designed to be transparent, or camouflaged in the background color of the website so that they don't stand out to users. Users are usually not supposed to see the tracking pixel.

How does a tracking pixel work?

The website admin or sender of an email adds the tracking pixel using a code in the website’s HTML code or email. This code contains an external link to the pixel server. If a user visits the destination website, the HTML code is processed by the client – usually the user’s browser. The browser follows the link and opens the (invisible) graphic. This is registered and noted in the server’s log files.
  • In addition, various information about the user is also transmitted using this method. To some extent, combination with JavaScript is necessary in order to collect information about the operating system or browser type and other.
  • The following data can be acquired and analyzed with a tracking pixel.

    • Operating system used (gives information on the use of mobile devices)
    • Type of client used, for example a browser or mail program.
    • Client’s screen resolution
    • Time the email was read or website was visited
    • Activities on the website during a session (when using multiple tracking pixels)
    • IP address (gives information on the Internet Service Provider and location)

    How to use tracking pixel?

    1️⃣ Click the "create pixel" button.
    2️⃣ After creating the pixel, optionally select the desired file extension - be it .jpeg, .png or other.
    3️⃣ Copy the resulting link. Now you can send it to someone or paste it on the page you want to track activity.
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