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URL Shortener for Twitter is a powerful link shortening tool that allows you to condense long URLs into compact short links while tracking valuable click analytics.
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How do I get a short URL for Twitter?

Twitter automatically converts long links to short - links when you publish a tweet. However, you can get additional analytics data by shortening the link using IPLogger.

Step 1. Copy the long link you want to use in your tweet into the input box at the top of this page.
Step 2. Click “Shorten” and copy the new short link.
Step 3. Paste the short link into the new tweet. Twitter will automatically convert it to a link.

With IPLogger, you will get complete statistics of your link clicks: IP addresses, locations, operating systems and more. Absolutely free!

How do I reveal a link's full URL?

To reveal the full URL behind a shortened link, there are several ways
You can use online services to link expander
Paste the shortened URL into the box, and the service will show you the full destination URL and any current redirects.
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