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Google URL Shortener is a robust tool designed to streamline your web links into short, manageable versions that are perfect for sharing across various online platforms. Ideal for marketers and content creators, it facilitates an efficient way to measure and optimize digital outreach.
Create short links to track and share on Google.
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Does Google have a URL shortener?

Google used to offer a URL shortener, which was a straightforward and free service that allowed users to shorten lengthy URLs into more manageable versions. However, this service was discontinued in 2019. Fortunately, there are numerous alternative URL shortening tools available today that offer similar features.

How do I shorten a URL in Google Chrome?

To shorten a URL in Google Chrome using iplogger, simply paste the desired link into the 'Shorten URL' box located at the top of our webpage. After pasting the link, click the 'Shorten' button to instantly generate a more compact version of your URL. This process is quick and efficient, making link management easier while providing you with valuable tracking insights

How do I shorten a URL in Google Forms?

To shorten a URL for use in Google Forms, start by copying the long URL you intend to include in your form. Visit the iplogger website and paste this URL into the 'Shorten URL' box at the top of the homepage. After pasting, click the 'Shorten' button to create a concise version of the URL. You can then easily embed this shortened link into your Google Form, ensuring a cleaner and more user-friendly experience for respondents.
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