Anti-spam Policy

We fight spam and spammers

IPLogger URL Shortener will not, at any cost, tolerate the use of our services for spam. We want to maintain the highest quality for our links and for branded links provided to our customers through the use of the IPLogger platform. Thus, they should not be redirected to spam/blocked, blacklisted, or malware URLs.

What is not allowed?

IPLogger URL Shortener is a platform to monitor all your marketing campaigns; it is not a platform to spam other users with your marketing links. We keep a record of URLs served through IPLogger, working to prevent serving spam links to users. While it’s not possible for us to catch every instance of spam, we attempt to eliminate all spam links detected or reported to us.

If you are not sure about your links or if you think IPLogger wrongly placed your links in the spam category, feel free to contact us via feedback form and we will be happy to assist you.

We don't support any SPAM!

If we find that you are spamming, we will take serious actions against your account. Below are some of the possible actions we retain the right to take against spammers:

  • We will block all the links associated with the spamming account
  • We will terminate the account without prior notice
  • We will not issue any refunds to your account

I identified a spam link which uses IPLogger, what should I do?

If you find anyone using our service for any kind of spam or any other illegal activities or if you ever encounter a branded link that redirects to a spam site, please contact us immediately to report spam at or via feedback form. The moment we can confirm any reported links are spam we will work to remove them as fast as possible. When reporting spam, please make sure that you include information about the URL and why you think it's spam. We take all spam reports very seriously and will take serious action against it.

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