Amazon URL Shortener

Amazon URL Shortener is an invaluable tool that empowers you to compress lengthy product URLs into concise, shareable short links, while simultaneously unlocking valuable click analytics data.
Create short links to track and share on Amazon.
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Does Amazon have a link shortener?

Amazon has a link shortening service called Amazon Short Link. It allows Amazon affiliates and associates to create short links for Amazon products. The service provides tracking, is only for genuine Amazon product URLs, and can be accessed via the Amazon Associates interface.

Beyond the basic tracking that Amazon Short Link offers, our iplogger service can provide much more valuable information. With it, you can access advanced analytics, including visitors' IP addresses, their device types, operating systems, browsers, and precise geolocation. This granularity of data can help you better understand your audience, customize the targeting of your advertising campaigns, and increase their effectiveness.

It is possible to link your own domain to the service, which will improve your brand recognition and build user trust. Our patented user consent collection technology ensures that all information is collected legally and with the full consent of visitors. This not only allows for ethical data management, but also ensures compliance with the latest privacy legislation
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