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If you have a funny picture, your avatar image or any other image you can generate a special HTML-code or tag that can be incorporated into your post on a forum or blog. This special code will display the image that located on the Internet by the URL you have entered. will help you to track an IP address, location, date and time of viewing, web browser and operating system type of all the devices that your message has been displayed on. Moreover, you will be able to change the URL of the original image anytime, while the IP-logger URL still remains the same. This feature is very useful on blogs and forums where you are not allowed to edit your message after publishing.
Enter the URL of the image to be displayed starting with "http://" and click the bottom below.
Using our web service you can generate special short URL that will redirect to any site you want. will collect IP addresses, country, city, date and time, information about browser and operating system of everyone who clicked on your IP logger URL. This feature is very handy when you need to verify whether the one you are communicating with provided a correct data about himself.
Paste the URL for redirection in the text field and click "Create"

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