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IPLOGGER.ORG - is a simple and convenient service for logging and resolution of visitor IP address, collection of statistics of your blog, your posts in other blogs, comments or discussion forum subject, your user profile, or any website of yours. With some of IPLOGGER's services you may learn the IP address of your forum or AIM, MSN or ICQ conversation partner, trace his/her geographic location, and thus protect yourself against possible fraud. IPLOGGER.RU is also a user-friendly and convenient URL reduction service, which provides access to the statistics of your link use, including IP addresses. You can select the relevant service according to your needs below. If you have IPLOGGER-ID already, enter its number to view statistics:

Obtain invisible IPLOGGER code, which may be inserted into your message, web-page or blog for statistics collection, identification of IP addresses of all the users who opened your message, page, blog, etc. Note that IPLOGGER presence is invisible.

With IPLOGGER service you can generate a special short URL clicking to which you may launch a website you need. Besides, IPLOGGER will save the external IP of the user clicking the link, date and time of such click. Paste your URL, to which a special IPLOGGER-link will redirect, into a text box, and then click "Generate" button:

If you have a picture link, you may generate a special html-code or a tag, which may be pasted into your forum or blog message and which will display the picture located on the Internet at URL indicated by you. In addition, IPLOGGER will help identify another user's IP and save IP address of any computer, displaying your message, blog or just a web-site with this code on the screen. You will be able to change URL of the picture any time. So you can always edit the picture displayed, which is very convenient when posting the picture on web-resources where subsequent editing is not available. Paste picture URL, beginning with "http://"

You may generate IP-informer code, which may be uploaded on your web-site, posted on any forum or blog, sent to your conversation partner during a personal talk. IP-informer will show your web-site visitor's IP address to him, and save the date, time and IP address of such visitor in IPLOGGER database with an access under IPLOGGER-ID obtained during code generation. Select IP-informer of the type you like and press the "Generate IP-informer code" button:


Forum and blog fans may use unique userbars from IPLOGGER.ORG, designed specially for pasting in user signatures, and showing any user reading your comment his IP address, the country and the city of his location. IPLOGGER-Userbars will make your signature not only attractive and unique but also functional, collecting complete statistics of users visiting forum pages with your comments. Select the userbar you like and press the "Generate IPLOGGER-Userbar code" button.

You may create a simple view counter on your web-site. It is different from other counters due to the fact that with IPLOGGER service you will get access to a database of IP addresses of all the users visiting your web-site. For that you need only an IPLOGGER-ID obtained during this counter code generation. Select IPLOGGER-counter of the type you like and press the "Generate IPLOGGER-counter code" button:

IPLOGGER service offers an opportunity to create a unique informer on your web-site with a list of IP addresses of 10 most recent visitors, and indicating precise time of visits. In addition to that, the list displayed begins with an IP address of the last visitor, i.e. the one currently seeing your informer on his screen. If such informers are posted in blogs or forums with lively discussions, often it may result in some users' reluctance to flood, write under different nicknames, etc. as it implies that full online anonymity is not secured. You may access full statistics of visits with your ID on website IPLOGGER.ORG, generated when you obtain the informer code. You will also get URL of the picture with the full list of visitors. Your informer will look like this:

All the codes and tags generated by IPLOGGER service always include the website name referenced by the informer code or the link for statistics saving and IP address list display. To exclude IPLOGGER.ORG website address from the code, you may select from the list below. In some cases, it may help you to keep your IP address in secret, and, for instance, avoid receiving a message with IPLOGGER-code generated on this website from the user, whom you sent a similar message to learn his IP address.

Select the website to your code to refer: