The text box below shows a generated code for an invisible transparent picture used to collect data on all the visitors of the web-page where this picture is posted.

Copy this html-code and paste it to your web-page, comment or blog. Note that for this code to function faultlessly some html-tages must be supported.

Copy this code and paste it to your message or subject of the forum supporting bb-codes ([img]):

You may paste the code into a personal message and send to the user whose address you want know. The picture will be invisible for the user, and s/he will suspect nothing when opening your message. However, his/her IP address and precise time of his/her reading your message will be saved in IPLOGGER database, which can be accessed under your ID. Remember, if you open your own message with IPLOGGER code, your IP address and view time of the message will be saved in the database either.

Link to the untagged invisible picture:

Short link:

Code of the picture with data on 100 recent visits (this picture does not keep IP addresses of the users visiting the web-page where it is posted):

To access statistics, save this IPLOGGER ID:

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