URL checker (Link expander)

Using URL Checker tool you can check if it's safe to click on the link, see all hidden redirects behind that link, get information about any IP addresses and locations associated with the link, and see if that link is detected as not safe by the leading Internet Safety Services. Just paste the URL you want to check in the field below and get the results of its safety verification.
Find out the final URL
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A little bit about URL validation

With the help of the URL-checker, you can safely check the link and find out in advance where it leads, protecting yourself from possible problems. And by going straight to the final link, you will not leave traces when you click. It is now much easier to deal with illegal spammers and hackers.

Importance of link checking

Any unfamiliar links carry risks, you may be redirected to a phishing site, etc. Our service reveals not only the final link, but also checks it through the Google database for its safety. That allows you to reduce the risk to a minimum.

How to use a URL checker?

1️⃣ Paste the URL into the input field.
2️⃣ Click the "Check" button.
3️⃣ Get the results: we will show you all possible redirects and the final link. You can analyze the data 📊 and draw conclusions based on this information
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